Patient Leaders – what does that mean?

Love this David, so well put and spot on as usual. Dom x

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Why we need Patient Leaders

The NHS loves to unleash (sic) its buzz words, euphemisms and catchy soundbites. I’m not sure which is more depressing. Watching their footprints (sic) come. Or go.

But the phrase ‘patient leader’ seems to be sticking. What does it mean?

To be honest, when it came into my head a few years back, I laughed – Put two contested terms together. Light fuse. Stand well back and watch the fun. Patient Leader – marmite. Love it? Hate it? At least we are talking still about it. I have seen people slip back into their chairs at its mention, others puffed with a new found pride at finding a stronger status – ‘yes, that’s me’.

It was also the culmination of other questions I had: what do we call idiots like me who, instead of just wanting to heal in peace, return to the NHS in…

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